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Balloons outside

With these new changes in our environment working with balloons outdoors has also changed.


When decorating outdoors with balloons there are steps needed to be made to insure the balloons will last. Your balloons will last longer if they are not exposed to extreme temperatures. If the weather is over 85 degrees the balloons will start expanding and as the balloons get colder they will start to shrink.

No guarantee can be given to any balloons placed outside.

Latex balloons are 100% biodegradeable. As such they will start getting a white powdery matte look to them as they start the process of biodegrading. Darker colors and clear balloons show this process faster than lighter colors.

When we work with balloons outside we have to use heavier weights and stands to help insure keeping them in place. Even the slightest wind can up end a column or arch 

Festive Effects will do our best to secure all balloons but will be held harmless once we leave the venue site. Balloons will droop in rain but will float again once they are dry.

11" Balloons normally float between 16-24 hrs. Your balloons may have been treated to increase float time. If
you were not charged an extra fee for this service it was done for our benefit. Treated balloons can last 2 or more days. Mylar balloons can float for 3 or more days depending on the size. Mylar (foil) balloons are not biodegradable and can conduct electricity if they come in contact with power lines. Never release them outside.

Safety Warning: Children could choke or be suffocated by balloons that are not inflated. 

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