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COVID and us

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We have always prioritized the safety of our customers, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. That’s why we are practicing and enforcing best practices for social distancing and self-isolation in the midst of COVID-19.

As you know, safety recommendations — including those for our customers and staff — can and will likely change in accordance with the CDC and our state recommendations. You can count on us to keep up to date with the latest recommendations by the state and federal government. We will share this information with you on this website.

We encourage you to stay safe. This includes practicing safe social distancing. We are thinking about our customers and look forward to serving you

What to expect from us?

Unfortunately, there is no telling when things will be “back to normal” in any sense. Rest assured that we are doing our best to keep you informed and taking every precaution to help flatten the curve. This means support will be somewhat selective and limited during this time. We are choosing to be limited on staff to be there for you in the future. Sculptures and size of events are also limited, so will selective indoor décor.  

We always do our best to deliver what is expected but, because we are experiencing selective discontinuations on balloons from the manufacturers unexpectedly, we are experiencing a higher than normal substitution rate. The client will be called for approval before making any changes.

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