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about balloons

To figure out how many bouquets you will need; start at the driveway and work your way to the event space as if you were the guest.  For home, events start at the mailbox and work your way to the party space. Home and restaurant spaces can get away with little splashes of color here and there while larger venues like ballrooms and country club spaces are plainer so usually take more decorations to make the room pop. Look for focal points and blank spaces that you want to fill then figure out how big you want your bouquets to be

Ribbons are approximately 8 feet long prior to being tied to balloons. Once attached to the balloon, the remaining length is just over 7 feet long for the top balloon and less for each lower balloon tier. Unless otherwise requested, the ribbon color is matched to the balloon color. Slight color variations may occur.


11" Balloons last for about 16-22 hours 

16" Balloons can last up to 30 hours

Standard and Fashion colors last longer than metallic or pearl

Float times noted apply to indoor use.

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, balloons burst. This may be caused by static electricity brought about by changing weather conditions or extremely warm rooms. This can happen with or without HI-FLOAT. Balloons float for less time at high altitudes this is because the lower air pressure produces a less-dense atmosphere. 



Hi-Float®  balloon treatment is a solution that is a plastic material dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that greatly reduces helium or air loss. It is very safe. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and biodegradable. It is similar to the glue on the back of postage stamps.

Set-up/Labor cost:

Pricing for set-up varies depending on the amount of time we are given to decorate, the number of decorations, and the number of people needed to get it done within the period frame.

Due to COVID, we are selective on what we can do with decorating. We are purposely keeping staff size down and decorating time to a minimum. This helps with COVID as well as your budget. You can look on the website for more information under the Festive Effects tab in the left top corner. Usually, if we are just setting bunches around the room or on the table without having to connect or add to it, there is no charge.

Set-up includes loading, unloading, parking, as well as the set-up of the room. The base rate is 80. per hour

All parking fees will be paid by the client.

Set-up prices for any type of sculpture vary depending on size, time, labor, or any other special conditions. 

All prices are based on indoor decorating.  Prices for outdoor decorating may be higher. 



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