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Classic Column: Consist of same size balloons in a swirl,  up to 4 colors with a large latex or large Mylar topper

Columns come in many different sizes and styles. Even your classic columns can be found with a twist where imagination and themes come into play. They are as popular as the arch when decorating. What is great about the column is they move very easily, they make a big impact, and they are more reliable outdoors. 

Here are some of the different types of columns that we do:

Bubble columns: are vertical lines of bubbles created with helium-filled and air-filled latex balloons in various sizes, ranging from 5-inch to 16-inch in diameter

Shooting Star Column:  Is a classic column that progressively gets smaller at the top to look like a star trail.

Link Column: Is made with 2 or 3 link balloons with a topper

350 Column: Is made with a 350 balloon instead of the link balloon

Flower Column: Can be made with link balloons or small latex with a flower on top

Fancy Column: Is made with quad (4 balloons tied together) tops, bottoms, and sometimes middles with 260 balloons swirling in between the quads

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