There is an array of professional artists with varied event experiences from corporate events, community events to private parties.  Let us help you find the artist with the perfect fit for your unique event. 


  • 15 CHILDREN AND UNDER require a minimum of an hour to be painted.  During certain times of the year the artists have a two hour minimum but if they can fit you in in-between jobs they will do it. We find it takes at least 4.5 minutes per child to be painted with wonderful detailed designs.  This is from the time they pick what they want designed to sitting still while being painted.


  • COMMUNITY EVENTS/CORPORATE EVENTS Designs are modified to help accommodate the crowd and move the lines faster however please plan 15 to 20 faces per hour for these types of events


  • THE FACE PAINTS WE USE are the highest quality professional face painting products on the market!  All paints are FDA compliant and are specifically made for painting on the skin.  These paints are water based for easy removal.  Just wash off with a facial wet wipe, mild soap and water or baby shampoo.


Each artist has their own specialties. Some like birthday parties others festivals. some like pretty and dainty and others mean and scary. Some prefer boys others girls and so on. Let us know the kind of designs your looking for and we will get the best one available to accommodate you. 


What they say about us:
The German Embassy is participating in the EU Open House again this year but we'll be at the French Embassy,as their guests. This afternoon they specifically requested that one of the German contributions to the day be "our" face painters. Apparently after 5 years of seeing your designs on their visitors faces, they want YOU! (And flat out said they have tried to hire face painters, but they aren't anywhere near as good.)  Jennifer C.Sr. Public Diplomacy Officer Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 


Bringing smiles to young and old, a simple balloon twisted into amazing creations adds the perfect touch to any event. They are one step above. Watch them as they make amazing balloon creations and  Create a fun festive time with everyone the

                                          • a wonderful add on to face painting



                                       • a great alternative to face painting



                                                       • top Balloon Artists for extraordinary designs



                                                      • impressive designs made to wow the crowd



                                                                     • quick simple balloons to move to keep the line going



                                Our Artists truly enjoys what they do and they do it well with a smile.







It's all the rage; tattoos are fun, fast, and have a lasting impact. Have them at your next event.  

►Glitter Tattoos are guaranteed safe.

►Tattoos can have custom logo’s made especially for your event.

►They are cosmetically formulated and are FDA compliant

►They do not smudge and are waterproof

►They dry instantaneously and last up to 7 days

►They can be easily removed with alcohol or baby oil


Perfect for indoors or outdoors • Great for pool parties • Kids and adults love them 

Made for the body, not the face

Don't like glitter- we have tattoos without glitter too!
Call us to book tattoos today!

glitter tattoos

Face painting

balloon twisters

For inquiries click email on top of page. Add: date, time, location, if you are looking for decor, add any pictures that you would like to find out about. Can be from anywhere. 

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