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Colors of Balloons


Standard color balloons are your basic colors: Red, Yellow, White, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Pale Blue they are opaque like the fashion color balloons.

fashion tone

Fashion tone balloons are opaque. They come in the more fashionable colors that are in style.

jewel tone

Jewel tone balloons are transparent with color. They are great or indoor events better than outdoor

Pearl tone balloons are opaque with a pearlized finish. Perfect when you are looking to have a more high scale look.

pearl tone


Only two balloons are considered metalic; these are gold and silver. They have a pearl tone look and go great with the pearl balloons.


Super Agate balloons are  beautiful balloons that have a bowling ball look or someone swirled paint on a balloon randomly.


Neon balloons are bright and colorful they are semi transparent and are very popular

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