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Magic with  Magical Master of Ceremonies -

Eric helps plan and execute an evening that will win you compliments for years! With witty introductions, amazing interludes and magical ways to give out prizes and awards, you'll bring him back again and again!


The "Stealth Magician" - As a "paid guest," Eric mingles with your group and magical surprises abound! Eric can also become the "new consultant from HQ" whose conference talk goes in a wacky, fun direction!


The Luncheon Lecturer - Eric's knowledge of magic lore makes him a fascinating luncheon speaker. "The World's Great Magicians" features spellbinding stories and enchanting magic of Houdini, Blackstone, Thurston, Herrmann, Kellar and more.


Combinations - Combine shows for greater impact! For example, include Close-up Magic for a corporate reception, with an abbreviated Platform Show to kick off the evening's presentations.

Close-up Magic is the ultimate interactive ice-breaker for mix and mingle events, especially those in which guests may not know each other well. This is well-suited for a corporate reception, wedding reception, charity fund raiser, cocktail hour, hospitality suite, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Eric is very effective as a wedding magician, eliminating that awkward period when guests are waiting for the wedding party at the reception venue.

Eric performs his unique Parlor Magic, done standing up, but in a more conversational style. The Parlor Show is the ideal after-dinner entertainment for small gatherings. For larger events, Eric does a show which has minimal technical and space requirements, yet plays to groups of 100 to 300 guests. The Platform Show is perfect for your banquet, awards night, conference, seminar, fund raiser, convention or reunions.

But that's not all.... He is perfect for childrens events, bringing puppets, magic, and fun!!

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