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I would like to thank you very much for entertaining the kids and made my daughters birthday party a memorable event for those who attended . They all have lots of fun with the animals , bubbles and the parachute game. We enjoyed seeing the happiness in kids faces filled with excitement , enthusiasm and surprise.Everyone was saying that clown was a regular entertainment which they see in many of the parties but safari bingo was entirely a new show which kids enjoyed a lot, especially kids love puppy's , bubbles and games. They really were thrilled to see those big bubbles and puppy show. I recommend you for all the kids parties.Once again thankyou(Shukriya in Hindi) for the excellent entertainment.SincerelyKavitha.


Thank you for helping make this day a memorable one for every kid in the party. We truly appreciate the way you engaged the kids during the entire event with fun filled games and show. Thanks once again for helping make our baby's birthday a special one. Prayers, Rajesh Rashmi & Baby Divya

+ Educational live animal magic show + Live hedgehog, racing hamsters, and Lolli-pup the performing Morki doggy +Birthday child receives a large balloon creation and an inflatable animal. +15 balloons made in advance fo base price+ Great show for children who love animals and may be scared of clowns. +Live animals can be replaced with puppets for restricted areas.  If you are planning an animal gift for your child, Bingo can produce it in the show.

OPTIONS: Giant bubbles and parachute game.

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