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booking a performer

Information about booking an artist


1. Artist/performers usually have a 2 - hour minimum. They will however take a one hour event if the party is  close to another event or sandwiched between two. 


2.  Time needed is based on 15 childern per hour per art for personal parties. Public or Corporate events are based on a 2 hour minimum or more. The artist works at the pace of the event  15-30 per hour depending on the art.



Please fill out the Booking Information Form and submit it to Festive Effects. This form does not hold the date of your event but it does get the process going.


Once Festive Effects receives your Booking Information Form, an invoice will be emailed to you. Please review, sign and return the invoice.


Upon the receipt of your invoice, Festive Effects will contact you for the small deposit stated on the bottom of your invoice.· The deposit along with your signature will secure and complete the process of booking your entertainer

Payments can be made by credit card once the invoice is sent, PayPal, or mailing a check if time allows and authorized by Festive Effects.


· Call the office if you have any questions or concerns 703-338-5661


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