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Great to tie to things like gifts, chairs, mailboxes.

Sold single with matching curling ribbon. No weight is added. Filled with Helium. Do not let loose outside.

Single 18" Star Red Helium Mylar

  • Mylar balloons are a foil type of balloon, It is not used for release because they could get caught up in electrical lines. 

    They are expand in the heat and deflate in a cooler enviornment  so may be delivered a little deflated until the balloon adjusts to the new enviornment, then they will puff up.

    Mylar balloons should last 2 days but depending on the size and make they can last up to 7 days.

    Mylar balloons, also known as foil balloons, are a type of helium-filled balloon made from a thin, polyester film called Mylar. These balloons are known for their metallic appearance and are commonly used for various celebrations and events.


    Here are some key points about Mylar or foil balloons:

    1. Material: Mylar or foil balloons are made from a special type of polyester film called Mylar. This material gives the balloons a shiny, metallic appearance.

    2. Helium-filled: Mylar balloons are typically filled with helium gas, which allows them to float in the air. Helium is lighter than air, providing buoyancy to the balloons.

    3. Durability: Mylar balloons are generally more durable than traditional latex balloons. They have a longer shelf life, retain their shape for a more extended period. They become soft or look like they are deflating when they experience a change in air condition. They will expand once they are adjusted to their new enviorment. 

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