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Will you see the Easter Bunny this year?


With all the things that have kept us apart in the last year, the thought of warmer weather, pretty bonnets, dress up clothes, and egg hunts really sounds appealing.

The Easter bunny is extra special this year. Children have been isolated so much recently that the thought of Easter and the specialness of the day will mean so much more to them this Easter then ever before.

Finding the right fit for your family this year is most important. We have Community HOA's that are changing things up this year in order to still have a bunny come for pictures even if it is at a distance. Some are having drive by events so the kid's can at least wave at the Bunny.

Even if you plan to stay at home for Easter you can make it special by:

• making Easter Eggs

• dressing up and having a photo shoot

• talking about the meaning of Easter

• have an egg hunt

• play games like egg roll, bunny hop, relay race, or play with bubbles

If you would like to have the Easter Bunny stop by, give us a call 703-338-5661

We also have other entertainers who can coordinate Games • Bubbles • Balloon twisting • Magic

that are great for those who would like help making the day a memorable one.

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